10k Strong ~ Mining and Guarding the Treasures of the Earth

What are Gnomes?!

Since the dawn of time, Gnomes have been tasked with mining and guarding sacred treasures hidden deep within the Earth’s subterranean caves.

MetaGnomes are going where no gnome has gone before. Wen moon? You’re not thinking big enough.

MetaGnomes are the crypto-maxis of the gnome world. They are engineers, inventors, explorers, and risk-takers.

These guys aren’t your grandma’s garden gnomes. They are a collection of 10,000 crypto miners ready to venture off from the pack in search of crypto treasures and glory!d


Phase 0:

  • Genesis Gnomes Launch
  • Website Launch
  • Donation to Staley Program, Inc.
  • First NFT Investments Made

Phase 1:

  • Airdropped MetaGnomes to all Genesis Gnome holders
  • MetaGnomes Launch I: Max Supply of 2000
  • Royal Family Contest Begins 
  • The first ASIC Miners are Activated & Turned Online

Phase 2:

  • Collect 5 Mission Begins 
  • Miner MetaGnomes begin to unlock & MetaGnome supply being burned
  • (Maximum Supply: 360 Miner MetaGnomes per 2000 MetaGnomes)
  • Staking of Miner MetaGnomes begins

Phase 3:

  • MetaGnomes Launch II: MaxSupply of 2000
  • Collect 5 Mission Continues
  • More Miner MetaGnomes unlocked & staked
  • Additional ASIC Miners Activated & Turned Online

Phase 4:

  • MetaGnomes Launch III: Max Supply of 2000
  • Collect 5 Mission Continues
  • Royal Family Contest Continues
  • More Miner MetaGnomes unlocked (Max Supply of 360)
  • Additional ASIC Miners Activated & Turned Online
  • Community votes for acquisition of GPU Mining Rigs & participation in other staking opportunities

Phase 5:

  • MetaGnomes Launches IV & V in 2 final phases of 2000 each
  • Additional ASIC Miners/GPU Miners Purchased & Activated
  • Miner MetaGnomes total MAX SUPPLY is 1800
  • No more unlocks after that
  • MetaGnomes supply will be reduced to as little as 1000

Phase 6:

  • Alpha Miner Group created for Miner MetaGnome holders to discuss strategy & builds, pool resources and have direct contact with several experienced miners
  • Miner MetaGnome holders will have the opportunity to tour our mining operations
  • Competitive pool rates established for miners wanting to link to our network, including discounted pool fees for at home miners through NFT ownership 
  • MetaGnomes continue to become an even more exclusive collection as they are traded in to unlock Miner MetaGnomes- just as always, they’ll be ranked based on rarity of their properties.

Phase 7:

  • Empowering Community Members & Aiding Projects From Within The Community
  • Expanding Mining Operations & Fully Diversified Investments

Phase 8:

  • Providing Safe & Reliable NFT-Launch Related Services 
  • Maintaining an exclusive Alpha Mining Community
  • Increasing Passive Income Streams with our community
  • Funding Small Businesses & NFT Projects
  • Revenue Share & Governance for Alpha Community Members

WHY MINT Gnomes?

Genesis Gnomes

Get a Free METAGNOME AirDrop For Each Genesis Gnome You OWn

Genesis Gnomes cost 0.04ETH + Gas on Rarible or gasfree on our Discord

Genesis Gnomes can also be obtained, gas-free in our the Discord community.

For more info, join our Discord and reach out to anyone on the team with the ID # of the Genesis Gnome that you want.

  • 334 Genesis Gnomes
  • Lifetime VIP Rewards
  • 1 Airdropped METAGNOME Per Genesis
  • Additional Airdrops In Future Collections
  • WL spot for METAGNOME Launch Day
  • Support Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Efforts – We’ve already donated over $4000 to Staley Program Inc

Limited Time Only!

Royal Family Collections

  • There are 5 Royal Families. They are Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Gold. 
  • If you collect a MetaGnome that possesses a gem trait then he belongs to a Royal Family!
  • If you mint one of these, you automagically qualify for a chance to win $10,000!
  • Collect 5 layers of one Royal Family & receive an instant reward of $5,000!
  • Collect them all and receive $25,000!!

But what happens if you collect less than 5 Royal Gnomes from a specific family? Or, what if you collect a bunch of them from different families? MetaGnome Miners to the rescue!

MetaGnomes Miners

Every Minted MetaGnome containing a Gem Trait can be burned by the owner in exchange for a MetaGnome Miner. 

MetaGnome Miners will entitled their holders to future airdrops, and a share of the MetaGnome mining profits.

That’s in addition to each Royal Gnome possessing a gem trait automagically qualifying you for a chance to win $10,000!

Yes, the MetaGnomes have thought of everything!


theCollectiv Cofounders


Asked Questions

Each MetaGnome NFT is composed of hand drawn elements that are algorithmically assembled into a collection of 10,000 unique avatars. Each one is minted on the Solana blockchain & will be permanently hosted on Arweave.

There are 10,000 MetaGnomes.

Owning a MetaGnome grants you exclusive access to a vibrant community & transparent development team, who are committed to creating a mining DAO.

We recognize that this is more than NFT art. This is an investment vehicle. We designed our ecosystem & roadmap to reflect that.

MetaGnomes mint is now live on bot-proof launchpad. Mint MetaGnomes here.

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